How Do I Use Hp Easily on a Mac or Windows?

HP Printers provides different utility software that helps you to use the printer easily and quickly without getting into any problems. HP Easy Start is also a utility software by HP Printers that automatically installs the latest driver and software of your Mac OS or Windows. To set up HP Easy Start on your PC, you may need to through the software downloading and installation process. Once you finish installing this software on your PC, keep your device connected to the internet to install the latest driver and software automatically. Now, if you are also looking for how do I use HP Easy Start on my Windows or Mac device then you have come to the right page as we are going to talk about the quick process that will let you set up and install this software on your PC.

How Do I Use HP Easy Start

But make sure that you have a compatible device to avoid issues in the future and confirm that it is connected to a secured internet connection. In case you have not installed the HP Printer driver yet then you need to visit the page to find and install the latest and compatible printer driver. From the same page, you can also find the HP Easy Smart software setup file and install it on your PC.

Way to download HP Easy start Mac

Mac users who are looking to download HP Easy Start for Mac need to follow the steps that are given below. Make sure that your Mac is connected to the internet connection to before approaching these steps:

  1. On your Mac, open a trusted browser and visit the HP Printer Support page
  2. Now, head to the software and tool page and click on the ‘HP Easy Start setup file’ link
  3. In a few seconds, the setup file downloading process will be begin
  4. After a few minutes, the file will be added to your Mac

After going through the above steps, you will be able to complete the HP Easy Start Mac download process. Now, you are ready to install this utility software on your Mac.

How to install HP Easy Smart for Mac?

Once you finish the setup file downloading process, you will be able to start the installation process. You can easily install HP Easy Smart software on your Mac with the help of the quick steps that are given below:

  1. Go to the ‘Downloads’ folder on your Mac
  2. Now, find the setup file and double click on it
  3. When asked, choose the ‘Run’ command from the screen
  4. Now, agree to the HP Printer terms of use and click the ‘Next’ button
  5. Read the instructions that are shown on your screen and then implement them
  6. Finally, click the ‘Finish Setup’ to complete the installation and exit the setup wizard

The above steps will also help you to complete the HP Easy Start Mac M1 and HP easy start Mac OS Catalina download and installation process.

Way to HP Easy Start download for Windows

Windows PC users can also download and install HP Easy Smart on their PC by approaching the steps that are stated below:

  1. Using your Windows PC browser, you need to visit the HP Printer Support page
  2. From this page, find and click on the ‘Software and Driver’ tab
  3. Now, choose the ‘Self Service’ option and then move to the next page
  4. Here, you can find the setup file link for HP Easy Start software
  5. Now, you are asked to click the ‘Download’ button
  6. In a few seconds, the HP Easy Start setup file will be downloaded to your Windows PC

Method to install HP Easy Start for Windows 7

If you have installed the HP Easy Smart setup file on your Windows 7, you can follow the quick steps that are given below to install HP Easy Start for your device:

  1. Locate the HP Easy Start Setup file on your Windows 7 PC
  2. Now, double-click on the file to launch the installation wizard
  3. After that, keep following the upcoming on-screen prompts
  4. Now, you need to click the ‘Exit’ button to finish the installation process

How to fix “HP Easy Start not working Windows 7”?

In case you are facing HP Easy Start not working issue then you need to approach the quick tips that are given below:

  • Make sure that there is enough disk space on your Windows 7 device
  • Also, ensure that you are using the latest version of HP Easy Start software
  • If there is any type of network issue on your Windows 7 PC, you need to fix it immediately
  • Remove HP Easy Start and then reinstall the software on your device
  • In case you are still facing any type of issue with HP Easy Start software then you need to contact the HP customer service number for a quick fix

How to fix HP easy start Mac not working?

In case you are using a Mac and looking to fix the HP Easy Start not working issue on it then you need to approach the quick solutions that are given below:

  • On your Mac, ensure the internet connectivity status. If there is any type of issue, you need to switch your Mac to another WiFi network
  • Check whether the HP Easy start software that you are using on your device is updated or not
  • In case there is a storage problem on your Mac then you need to free some space from your PC
  • If there is any type of installation issue, you need to remove HP Easy Start software and then re-install it on your Mac
  • You can also contact HP Printer customer care to discuss the issue and find a quick solution

HP Easy Start vs HP Smart

HP Easy Start helps you to keep the driver and software updated whereas HP Smart let you print, scan and share documents easily and quickly. HP Smart is a productivity app that can be used on all types of devices such as mobile and computers. This app is similar to HP Easy Scan and helps you to increase productivity in your day-to-day life.


How does HP Easy Start Work?

HP Easy Start is utility software for your Windows or Mac. People who are curious to set up it on their device can easily find and install it by visiting the HP Support page. Once you install this software, it starts installing the latest updates for your HP Printer driver and software.

How long should HP Easy Start take?

HP Easy Start compiles results for your Windows or Mac. To carry out such a task, it may take up to 3 minutes. In case it is taking longer than 3 minutes, you need to check the internet connection status on your PC.

How do I scan with HP Easy Start?

Once you install HP Easy Start on our PC, you can also get started scanning with it. You can easily scan with HP Easy Start with the help of these steps:

  1. Open the glass cover on your Printer and put the paper on it
  2. Now, you need to open HP Easy Start on your PC
  3. After that, press the ‘Scan’ button to start the scanning work
  4. Finally, you have scanned a paper with HP Easy Start

How do I get HP Easy Scan on Windows?

To find and install HP Easy Scan on your Windows PC, you need to approach the steps that are given below:

  1. Using a browser of your Windows PC, visit the HP Printer Support page
  2. Now, you need to head to the ‘Drivers and Software’ tab and click on it
  3. After that, you are asked to choose the ‘HP Easy Scan’ option and click on it
  4. Now, click the ‘Download’ option and then follow the installation prompts.


To sum up, HP Printer users can easily download and install different utility and productivity software on their Mac or Windows computer to make the printing work smarter. In the above sections, we have mentioned a quick process to find, download, and install HP Easy Start software on a Mac or Windows computer. For now, we are sure that you have learned about how I use HP Easy Start on a PC.

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