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Guide to setting up HP printer on 123.hp.com/setup

HP is the most common brand name that you have come across when it is about high-resolution digital devices and imaging solutions including desktops, laptops, printers, and so many other accessories that can help with improving the user experience. Here, in this informative read, we’ll be taking you through tons of different details that only intend to add to your experience, especially when we are talking about wireless HP Printers. Our focus would entirely be on helping you understand what the web link “123.hp.com/setup” is designed for. Moving on you’ll get to learn the services that users can get on the webpage; the first setup process; the setup procedure for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices; and the process of downloading and installing print drivers. Well, by the end of this read, we are sure that you’ll be able to use your wireless printers as smoothly as you want to.

Know 123.hp.com/setup better

HP printers are described as one-stop solutions for all digital imaging requirements- be it high-resolution print outputs or scan results. Some printer models by the brand have in-built management tools that help in efficient maintenance including placing orders for ink refills as and when required. And the web link mentioned above is an exclusively designed website that can help you configure and set up your printers with your connecting devices along with providing a safe space to download and install all the required print drivers.

What are the services on the website you have access to?

This part of the read has been assigned the responsibility to help you understand the services that you can get your hands on 123.hp/setup:

  • Wired and wireless printer setup
  • Printer USB setup
  • Print driver download
  • Driver and software installation
  • Troubleshooting issues with the setup

Set up your HP printer for the very first time

Here, you’ll get to understand the first-time setup procedure for your HP Printer:

  1. Carefully, unpack the printer box and put the power cable inside a power socket.
  2. Turn the printer on with the power button and wait for it to blink.
  3. Now, on the screen of your printer adjust the details and settings for your printer.
  4. Move on to setting up the ink cartridges into your HP printer and check the manual to do so.
  5. Secure the cartridge door and wait for a message for the same on the printer screen.
  6. Head towards filling up the printer’s input tray with A4 sheets.
  7. The smart HP printer will align your ink cartridges along with the a4 sheets you just put in.
  8. At this point, the basic configuration is done and it’s time for connecting it to the Internet.

Learn the process to connect your printer to a network

As it is clear by the subject, this part of the read will help you create a connection with the existing Internet network and you are very close to setting it up with 123.hp.com/setup:

  1. Head to the screen on your HP printer and get into the option that reads “Wireless”.
  2. The blue light indicates that it is “ON” so, move to hit “Settings”.
  3. Get into the “Wireless Setup Wizard” tab and then, hit on the option that reads “Yes”.
  4. Read the screen prompts while the printer establishes the available networks.
  5. Settle on the network you use from the list and connect it by providing the password.
  6. Keep with all the instruction prompts that come up and confirm the wireless network.

Get required print drivers for your HP Printers

This part of the read will help you understand how you can download and install the print drivers for your printers on 123.hp.com/setup. Begin with getting into any of your preferred web browsers and you can type in any of the following terms in the address bar- 123 hp com setup, hp 123 setup, 123.hpcom, or 123.hp.com. Once you reach the page, all you have to do is enter the model number for your printer and you’ll be given the result for all the required print drivers. Go on to download and install them as and when you like. You can also head directly to https://123.hp.com/ and https://123.hp.com/us/en/ for downloading the print drivers.

Process for setting up the printer on Windows

Learn to set your printer up on your Windows computer:

  1. Switch both the devices on and ensure they are connected to the same network.
  2. Head to 123.hp.com/setup and get all the required print drivers.
  3. Move to the Downloads folder and get all the driver files installed or configured.
  4. Go ahead and add your HP printer to the computer system you’re using.
  5. Once you’ve added the printer, your wireless printer is completed.

Process for setting up the printer on Mac

Learn the procedure for setting up your printer on your Mac computer:

  1. Ensure both devices are turned on and are connected to the same Internet network.
  2. Get the print drivers downloaded from 123.hp.com/setup and install the files.
  3. Add the HP printer to the printer list for your Mac and complete the setup.

Process for setting up the printer on mobile phones

Learn the process for HPcom setup on your Windows device:

  1. Make sure every device is up and running for the setup to complete.
  2. Connect your printer and your mobile phones to the same network.
  3. Get the HP ePrint app to continue the printer setup.
  4. Go on to submit the required date and fulfil the basic requirements.
  5. Keep up with upcoming prompts and open the file you want printed.
  6. Ensure it is the correct file and move forward with the printing.

Note: You can get the HP Easy Start app on https://123.hp.com/setup for more efficiency.


The detailed and informative read above has been designed to provide you with the highest levels of efficiency when it comes to using the hi-tech wireless printers by HP. You’ll get to know about HP’s print driver-specific website- 123.hp.com/setup. Following that you’d learn about the download procedure and the setup procedures for Windows and mobile phones.

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